Wednesday, August 9, 2017

0.12 Neutral Activities

Neutral Winter Activities: A social safe haven.

More of the Same

Turns out this pond is for wading, skating and fishing at the same time. Here is a rare shot of Leon before his haircut.

Eugene finally buys a bunkbed, citing the fact that his kids will be able to use it pretty quickly after Dustin and Meghan grow up. The implication is that the pair will be responsible for their own living situation once school is over and they are of age. Apparently it's a noteworthy topic at the forefront of everyone's mind.

Eugene nurtures Meghan's growing interest in technology in the way only another clever person can. The more possibilities she sees in the future the more excited she gets about it.

Lize when she gets time also encourages the kids.

Living here has been one of the best experiences of Meghan's life, but she senses that more is out there to be discovered. She often remembers the week she and Dustin spent traveling, and wonders what more they could have found on their own. Nobody in Aurora Skies seems to recognize that uniquely divergent life is out there somewhere, possibly just a few towns over living without care of persecution. Dustin theorizes that actually many 'special' types of people may exist and have havens known just to themselves. Is that what Mayfield Springs had been?

Eugene took the practical route on this and told her there was probably a convention in town the week they went though it, but Meghan remembers the fairy who taught her how to play chess. Those wings did not seem fake.

Lize calls Meghan a genius, but the girl just thinks she works hard. Not that she's going to reject a compliment from someone well-meaning, but there was a time when people called her stupid and said she lacked an 'aptitude' for learning, even suggesting she might have a disability.

Are these labels social constructs, or comfort to people that have no answers? She'll think about the dilemma for years.

Dustin keeps up with Lynn and one or two other kids from school. Not Karl though. That guy is clueless in an unamusing way.

The Prom haul was real, and there are actually two science souvenirs of the same type with only one on display. The exclamation mark badge was from the police station field trip? Dustin's favorite color is lilac: the top bunk is his.

Events of the past week still have left an impression on Dustin.

Eugene tries to calm his cousin down, suggesting a seaweed wrap if he's going to be such a girl about all this. It was just a dance, it's too early to tell about what Meghan will ultimately choose to do. “You aren't even adults yet. Give things time.” He says.

“Leave me alone...”

"Seriously, people are fickle at your age. You can't get everything right all the time, don't pressure yourself so much!"

“Yeah,” Dustin acknowledges. “Yeah I know.” But he sounds despondent.

“You don't look so good lately. This is starting to worry me. Usually you have your head on straighter than this. I know you care about her but maybe a change of focus or something, play some sports. You need an activity you can do by yourself.” His cousin offers with clear concern.

Dustin laughs it off. “I'm fine you idiot.”

“Just messin with ya.”

Eugene pretends to be fooled by this, but gives Dustin a soccer ball and tells him to practice anyway.

The distance remains tangible but everyone does their best to ignore it. Back to giving each other unspoken space again.

This is a group outing and not a date. Lynn knows how to make her own fun. 

There is some chemistry here, even if Lynn does have potty mouth inside her just waiting to escape. She holds the expletive in for now. That was cold!

Definitely not a date. Lynn's hot, and Dustin doesn't mind her company. He's still 100% certain there's a ranking and he's somewhere in the top 5, maybe 3 with her. It doesn't bother him. He just needs a friend that he has no drama in common with.

This is not a double date, either. There are just very few places to have fun at Aurora Springs. Lynn heard rumors that teens can drink here and hurries inside, leaving their igloo unfinished.

Meghan discusses the future with Loki. The future predictably is energy.

The unfinished igloo is surprisingly pretty to look at. More sims should leave them artistically vacant, like a lost ruin of ancient Eskimo civilization.

A rare moment; Dustin yelling at Meghan. For something, probably going all smoochie with her boyfriend in public. Nobody needs to see that. 

Loki thinks these two are pretty close for cousins, but he knew that already. It's kind of funny for her to get yelled at when she always seems to get away with anything.

Whatever it is, he doesn't want to hear it. They are still best friends, but it's mostly best-friends-without-the-benefit-of-doubt recently.

On the trail of Dustin, serial slayer of snowmen.

Dustin talks about the future.

“Oh God, what am I talking about?”

Lynn just laughs at him.

The group goes inside, Meghan gets bored. Only a few days left before she can be charged as an adult for public mischief. Better take advantage while the window of opportunity is still open!

She earns another bear, this time a vampire! Scary but cute. Maybe she'll get to meet one of those one day. They wouldn't make a plushie of it if it wasn't a real creature, right?

Somebody dies outside and ruins the evening. Way to go, lady.


Keeping this one simple, they age up next post finally!

Dustin actually yelled at Meghan here because they were considered romantic interests before she started dating Loki. She now has a cheater reputation. 

I wanted to include those two pictures because they were amusing, which is why there's no real planned dialogue. I didn't want to toss another serious shaft in the gears of the story at this point, we've got places to go with it!


  1. Can't wait for the age up!
    Very cute how you displayed all the prom stuff, I usually let that rot in my sims' inventory until they die. Speaking of dying, that was really rude of that lady in the end to just ruin everyone's mood!

    1. I'm not gonna lie, i really excited too!

      I displayed it more because I've never had all my sims get to even go to prom, so I was excited about it lol.

      And I really thought she died from getting set on fire as she had the level one singer outfit on, but she's a white ghost and that means she died of old age in the midst of probably a 40 years long midlife crisis. I probably should find that sad but it's amusing. Poor girl.

  2. I suppose you can't really help dying, but it is rather inconsiderate to ruin everyone's day by doing that in public. Hmm.

    I'm looking forward to seeing where your story progresses ^-^

    1. Her final act was to create half of a snowman which Dustin probably knocked over the next day. He has to be stopped.

      I promise you will not be bored with this generation. I'm pretty sure I can promise that, either way I want to write all the time as there are some really exciting ideas, so I hope you won't. I will work hard at it *anime pose*

  3. Wonder what Dustin and Meghan will do after their age up, seeing as Eugene expects them to get out. I think they should stick together, even though their relationship is a little rocky right now. I'm so excited for their age up! It seems a long time coming.

    1. They'll get to live life a bit and hopefully make some money and or skills. I didn't play them as kids really so they didn't get any advantages from childhood hobbies and the like.

      It may sound weird but I'm kind of glad they have these up and down moments, because it seems like that's when most self-discovery can happen. Especially for Meghan who needs the social experience and to ask herself what went wrong and where, but Dustin also feels for her a bit too strongly for his liking and it gives him an opportunity to relax and think about what's best for him, instead of worrying about 'them' all the time.

  4. No! I won't stand for the bismirching of Karl, one of my favorite premades! (kidding--he's pretty clueless)

    I'm interested in seeing how Dustin and Meghan are going to get along in the future, because it was pretty tense this chapter. I guess this is the benefit of being three months behind on your legacy (sorry ;_;)--I don't have to wait! ;)

    1. :!: Well when you put it like that... XP I think Karl's intrusion into people's lives is endearing. He's like a puppy dog, so you definitely went in the right direction with him. XD

      haha... it's impossible to read everything on time. I'm blessed that you like it enough to read- I can't get enough of yours after all.